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Vision Correction That Works While You Sleep! If you’re nearsighted, you may be a candidate for an innovative therapy that enables clear vision without using glasses or contact lenses during waking hours. It’s also non-surgical. Corneal Refractive Therapy gently reshapes the curvature of your eye with therapeutic contact lenses, which you only wear during sleep. When you wake up, you remove the lenses and enjoy clear vision all day long. It’s that simple!

Contacts That Work — Even When You’re Not Wearing Them

Eyeglasses and regular contacts are effective while being worn, but when removed they don’t provide any lasting improvement. Laser surgery alters your eyes to improve vision and might be a good option for some, but it’s expensive, involves risk, and permanently removes eye tissue. Corneal Refractive Therapy with Paragon CRT® contact lenses is a quantum leap beyond those alternatives: It changes the shape of your eyes to improve vision, but in a way that’s non-surgical and reversible.


Benefits of Corneal Refractive Therapy with Paragon CRT Include:

* Great vision without the hassles of daytime contacts or eye glasses.
* Since Corneal Refractive Therapy is not permanent, if you decide to discontinue, your vision will return to its original state in as little as three days.
* 24-hour vision, since you can see with Paragon CRT lenses on or off.


What You Can Expect from CRT?

* Fast Results. Most Paragon CRT wearers experience rapid vision improvement during the first few days and achieve nearly their optimum vision in one to two weeks.
* Oxygen for Good Eye Health. Paragon CRT contact lenses are made of a highly oxygen permeable material that is FDA-approved for overnight wear. More oxygen reaching your eyes means less risk of eye health problems. Plus, your eyes can breathe all day without the obstruction of contacts.
* Comfort and Safety. With a smooth back surface produced with micron-level accuracy, the lenses are comfortable and safe. In fact, during the FDA clinical study no serious adverse events were reported in Paragon CRT wearers.
* Ease of Use. If you can insert a contact lens in your eye, you can use Paragon CRT therapeutic lenses.
* Effectiveness. As part of the FDA clinical study, Paragon CRT wearers rated their vision before and after treatment. 91.7% of post-treatment patients said their unaided vision after removing the Paragon CRT lenses was good, very good, or excellent, compared with a rating of 91.3% for vision with their pre-treatment glasses or contact lenses.


Are You a Candidate?

Corneal Refractive Therapy with Paragon CRT is designed for anyone, regardless of age, with low to moderate myopia (nearsightedness up to -6.00 diopters) with or without astigmatism of up to -1.75 diopters. It is especially ideal for:
* Active kids and teens who lose their contacts or break their glasses. Read 7 reasons to consider Paragon CRT for your child or teen.
* Adults who are wary of permanent vision correction surgery.
* Anyone who, because of job or lifestyle, is tired of the hassles of wearing eyeglasses or traditional contact lenses.

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fixing pink eye conjuntivitis

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