Boca's most trusted eye doctor is now accepting new patients


Protecting your vision by obtaining regular eye examinations just makes good sense. We experience so much of the world through our eyes that protecting these vital organs is something that should be done at least annually. If specific medical and/or other conditions or findings warrant, even more frequent examinations may be warranted and advised.

Of the five primary senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smell, the first two – seeing and hearing – are critical to experiencing many of the joys of an active, healthy and happy lifestyle.

At Total Family Eyecare, we have all of the professional diagnostic equipment needed, as well as the professional skills and experience, to examine your eyes and your eyesight and to then advise you of all of our findings.

Please take the time to read (with your precious eyesight!) and get familiar with some of the information presented here on our website. Then call (561) 391-3334 to make an appointment to come in and visit with us. Let us help you protect one of the most valuable assets you have; your vision and your eyes! We LOOK forward to seeing you soon!